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Federal Rescheduling of Cannabis May Backfire

North America is enjoying the benefits of its budding marijuana industry. According to ArcView, a pot research company collaborating with BDS Analytics, legal cannabis sales grew 33 percent to reach $9.7 billion just last year in North America alone. Over the next decade, forecasters predict that legal weed sales will exceed $47 billion. Pot stocks are positively soaring. This type of fast growth, combined with increasing public support for marijuana, is the biggest catalyst for investors. They would be foolish to overlook this market. All across North America, emerging marijuana businesses have been growing in numbers over the last 20 years. Back in 2001, our northerly neighbor, Canada, legalized weed for medical use. Now, Canada looks about ready to become the world’s first developed country to legalize it recreationally too, which it plans next month. Meanwhile, our southerly neighbor, Mexico, approved medical cannabis in June last year. Within the United …

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