is cannabis legal in nevada

Nevada Trumps California in Legal Marijuana Sales

Cannabis sales are booming in Nevada. In California, however, they are disappointing. Actual sales do not equal estimations. Nevada opened its recreational marijuana market officially in July last year, while California only opened its shops on New Year’s Day. Despite California selling notably more legal pot than Nevada does, its sales are significantly lower than projections, yet Nevada’s are clearly higher. Good news first: The first nine months of Nevada’s fiscal year, from July last year to March this year, found taxable weed sales totaling $386 million. Of this, nearly $305 million came from recreational sales alone. March sales broke records, totaling just over $41 million. The state, through March, enjoyed a $49 million tax generation, which is a whopping 97 percent of its annual $50.32 million estimation. Now the bad news: Recreational weed sales are not doing well in California. The latest projections, which the intelligentsia compares current sales …

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