is marijuana legal in missouri

Missouri Steps Closer to Legalizing Medical Marijuana

It was a big day for Missouri. On a normal Tuesday in June, its Senate chose to give initial approval to a proposed bill that would legalize medical cannabis for seriously ill patients, who would also have the benefit of a marijuana delivery service. The bill, which earlier last week cleared the House by a 112-44 vote, has huge implications for patients across the state. President Pro Tem Ron Richard, a Republican, referred the bill to the Senate Committee on Health and Pensions on a second reading. If the committee approves it there, the bill would then return to the full Senate for a third reading vote. From there, it could potentially end up on the desk of Republican Governor, Eric Greitens. Marijuana Delivery Service for Missouri Patients As it reads now, the bill would allow patients with legitimate and serious illnesses to buy and use “smokeless” cannabis products, such …

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