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Enhance Your Yoga Routine with Marijuana

Yoga may well be one of the best exercises to practice with marijuana. This ancient Indian regimen uses meditation to focus on mind, body, and soul, with emphasis on breathing and contorting your body into a series of stretching poses. Proven to increase flexibility, lower anxiety, and depression, improve sleep, cardiovascular and respiratory functions, and boost self-image; yoga has a massive following. Because of the holistic nature of yoga and the cerebral effects of some weed strains, many in California are now visiting a Santa Monica marijuana dispensary to maximize the benefits of yoga. Science shows pot acting on both body and brain, enhancing overall health while boosting all bodily functions and optimizing the potential of most sports. Yoga is not an exception, albeit it a controversial subject. Concerns about Yoga and Cannabis Yoga enthusiasts have different opinions regarding the use of marijuana. For some, folks should avoid weed when …

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