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Marijuana Profits Too Lucrative for Lawmakers to Ignore

State lawmakers are increasingly embracing legal recreational pot, and there are several good reasons for this, from criminal justice reform to respect for individual rights and ending mass incarceration. However, for most, the most compelling reason to legalize is this figure: $793.6 million. That is how much just five states raked in from pot-related taxes and fees in only 2017. This number is in a report from the National Cannabis Industry Association. Founded in 2010, the NCIA represents roughly 1,500 marijuana businesses in the pot industry nationwide. Most pot-legalizing rhetoric revolves around alcohol being more dangerous than weed, social justice issues caused by harsh drug laws, and more. However, although these are strong and accurate arguments, they are not swaying lawmakers much. When it comes to actually convincing them to change their minds and legalize, money is and always has been the talk that changes everything. The cannabis economy is …

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