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Scientists Celebrate Canada’s Newly Legal Weed Market

On Wednesday, October 17, Canada legalized its recreational marijuana industry, making it officially the biggest legal weed marketplace in the world. Stoners nationwide are celebrating the historic milestone, which also makes the sale of cured cannabis and its derivatives, such as oils and edibles, legal in commercial stores. However, they are not the only excited ones. Scientists are rejoicing, as well. Scientific Opportunity in Canada Pot Industry The decision of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government to legalize marijuana is not just a perceptive one as far as increasing tax revenues, tourism, and reforming criminal justice goes, it is also, according to scientists, a long-awaited opportunity to research the medical potential of the cannabis plant. The intense study could yield promising new treatments for the entire medical community. Thus far, restricted studies find huge potential for cannabis as a therapeutic aid. According to the International Journal of Science, studying cannabis …

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