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First Traffic Safety Summit Highlights Challenge of Pot-Impaired Driving

While California irons out the inevitable kinks of legalizing recreational marijuana on New Year’s Day, pot-impaired drivers are presenting law enforcement with a myriad of unique challenges. California Highway Patrol and other agencies, including a Colorado-based prosecutor, gathered at the Alameda County Sherriff’s Department in Dublin on Monday for a first-ever Marijuana Traffic Safety Summit. The summit aimed to provide crucial insight into the legalization of cannabis in California, as well as its impact on intoxicated driving. The meeting was the first of its kind ever in the Bay Area, intended to discuss the issue of “high” drivers and organized by law enforcement officials, the Department of Justice, and various members of the marijuana industry. Helena Williams, a California Highway Patrol captain, said, “The takeaway is training and education for law enforcement and judges and the community at large.” According to the California Highway Patrol, since recreational weed became legal …

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