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Here’s Why the Rates of Underage Cannabis Use Won’t Increase under the New Law

When Proposition 64 appeared on the ballot last year in California, it received praise and criticism at an almost equal measure. Many celebrated the coming back of a drug that’s, indeed, a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits especially in relieving pain. On the other hand, the critics saw the move as dangerous and could lead to underage use among other unwanted practices. According to some sources, the legalization sent a message to the kids that it’s okay to use the drug. But is that truly the case? Well, after a careful analysis of the situation, it’s obvious that the rule will not be a gateway for underage persons to access the drug. Over the years, national surveys and other studies have linked drug use among teens to other factors that do not in any way relate with the legalization of the drug. Besides that, we need to remember …

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