Legalize Medical Marijuana

Brown County to Hold Third Referendum after Pot Issue Splits Board

This fall, residents in Brown County, Wisconsin, will have an opportunity to tell state officials if they want to legalize medical marijuana or not, but the referendum will not include a question about recreational pot. On Wednesday, a debate of the oft-spirited County Board attracted roughly 200 folks to Green Bay City Hall. Nearly 60 people addressed the board over nearly five hours. Around midnight, the board voted 16-10 in favor of holding an advisory referendum this November, asking residents if they want cannabis to be legal for medical purposes if regulated the same way as other prescription drugs. Supervisors rejected a second question regarding the use of weed recreationally. The referendum will not change the law, but it will let legislators know how voters feel. The votes came after some impassioned pleas from residents. Most spoke favorably of holding a referendum, and many said they or their loved ones …

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