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California’s Long History of Weed Legalization

As you do your weed delivery or any other weed-related business uninterrupted, remember there are several individuals you need to thank as the push for legalization of marijuana in California has been on for approximately one century. Here is a breakdown of events and important matters regarding the legalization. Breakdown of Events The first mention of marijuana in the California constitution was in 1913 when the Poison Act of 1907 (which illegalized sale or use of opiates and cocaine) was amended to include marijuana. The Marihuana Tax Act of 193 prohibited the substance in the USA except for medicinal and industrial uses. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 replaced the Marihuana Act with a stricter anti-drug legislation outlawing cannabis and other narcotics. In 1972, Bay Area attorney Leo Paoli made “Proposition 19” that aimed to decriminalize weed cultivation and possession for people over 18. The proposition failed as the only …

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