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Green the Vote Admits Inflating Signature Count for Recreational Pot

Dody Sullivan and Isaac Caviness, board leaders of Green the Vote, a marijuana advocacy group, had watched hopelessly as several of their petition drives failed over the years, as they and others attempted to give Oklahomans a chance to decide on their own to legalize weed or not. Therefore, they hatched a new strategy to fake the numbers for a chance at success. Last week, news headlines reported that Green the Vote had collected sufficient signatures to place State Question 797, which would legalize pot recreationally, on the ballot. However, early on Tuesday morning, the marijuana community learnt on social media that the widely reported 132,527 signatures was an inflated number, and that, in actuality, the drive only garnered around 78,000 names. “I have been working 24 hours a day to bring in those signatures to try to make up for it so that I would not be letting you …

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