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Michigan Appeals Court Rules “Wet Marijuana” Illegal

According to cannabis attorneys, because of a Michigan Court of Appeals decision this month, medical marijuana cultivators and caregivers cannot process their plants without doing so illegally. They will be breaking the law. State law does not cover “wet marijuana,” a loose word for the time it takes pot to dry between cutting and consuming it. This is the decision made in the Court of Appeals on July 19. Matthew Abel, a senior partner of Cannabis Counsel, LLC, explained, “Now, they have made it so you cannot even comply with the law. Obviously, it does not go immediately from being a plant to being dried cannabis. There has to be a drying, or curing, process. I think this court lacks some understanding.” The People vs. Vanessa Mansour appeals court case set a disturbing precedent. The case stems from an incident where police raided Mansour’s home in Troy, where they found …

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