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Study Finds Cannabis Motivating College Students

Despite widespread belief that cannabis turns people into couch potatoes, the opposite is proving true. As more college students search Google for “weed delivery Los Angeles,” studies are finding it increasing their motivation notably. Published in the Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology journal, the study highlights some important findings.   This study investigated the lingering stereotype of lazy stoners. It recruited 47 college kids for participation, 25 of which used cannabis regularly and 22 not at all. It put them through its Effort Expenditure for Rewards Task, a series of assessments into behavior. The study’s authors wanted to know the effect of weed on their actions immediately after.   Studying Motivation Researchers set about this task with gusto. In the past, studies into motivating behavior used, according to them, “divergent methodology and have not controlled for key confounding variables.” In an attempt to include those variables, this study found that “past-month cannabis use …

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