Marijuana and Brain Health

Marijuana and Brain Health – What the Latest Study Reveals

Medical marijuana is legal in more than half of the United States, with some states still undecided about it. Currently, California allows patients full access to medical cannabis products. The need for clinical study has never been more important than now, and as findings emerge, the full extent of the prohibition lie becomes evident. We look at just one in this article: Using marijuana for brain health. Medical Marijuana and Brain Function Cannabis clearly affects the brain. Although enjoyed by most, the high felt ranges in severity. Some weed strains improve mental focus; others do not. However, it is the long-term impact of cognitive ability interesting the scientific community today. To date, there have been few investigations into the effect of cannabis on brain performance, despite a widespread belief of dysfunction and impairment. Real Effects of Marijuana on Brain Performance Harvard University recently conducted its own study into the matter. …

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