Marijuana and Kief

What is Kief? And How to Use It

Ever wondered about what those small, sticky crystals are that cover your buds. It is pollen, otherwise called dry sift or kief, which you can order through marijuana delivery. Kief specifically refers to those potent resin glands full of cannabinoids and terpenes, which is what makes marijuana unique. Although cannabis without it is still rich in cannabinoids, those swollen resin glands promise the biggest kick.  Understanding Kief To know what kief is, you must understand what trichomes are. Kief refers specifically to the crystalized formations found on the tips of resin glands, but this is just one part of a trichome, more commonly called a “hair.” They are not unique to cannabis. Many plants and algae have trichomes, which have specific revolutionary jobs. Carnivorous plants trap prey in the stickiness of their trichomes.  Other plants, such as marijuana, have them to deter pests and herbivores. According to Frontiers in Plant …

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