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New York Health Department Calls for Legalizing Marijuana

It seems the administration of New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has done an about turn. Cuomo, a Democrat who, until very recently, relentlessly referred to marijuana as a “gateway drug,” now has his Health Department to contend with, since it released a report on Friday stating that the “positive effects” of legalizing weed “outweigh the potential negative effects.” “Numerous New York State agencies and subject matter experts in the fields of public health, mental health, substance use, public safety, transportation, and economics worked in developing this assessment,” the 75-page report says. “No insurmountable obstacles to regulation of marijuana were raised.” Every weed lover in the state is likely celebrating with a joint or several. The document continued, “Regulation of marijuana benefits public health by enabling government oversight of the production, testing, labeling, distribution, and sale of marijuana. The creation of a regulated marijuana program would enable New York State to …

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