Marijuana Coffee Pods

Are Marijuana Coffee Pods the Wave of the Future?

People are constantly looking for new ways to consume cannabis. While there is nothing wrong with the old school bong and match, there is a new trend emerging. One of these trends to hit the market is marijuana coffee pods. While these pods may seem innovative and new, this is a common trend in the marijuana community. Every year there is some new way to unite the marijuana industry. Over the past two years we saw a rise in the use of smokeless pipes. Vaporizers became all the rage among cannabis users. Whether it was hand held vaporizer pen or more sophisticated vaporizing machines, one thing was clear. This was that everybody was vaporizing their marijuana. There were many reasons for this. Using a vaporizer meant that there was another way for patients to discreetly consume marijuana. This was especially evident in the work place. People now had a way …

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