Marijuana Concentrates

Understanding Concentrates: A Guide for Beginners

The world of marijuana concentrates is overwhelming for even cannabis connoisseurs. Most newbies have no idea where to start with them, but you should not feel intimidated. Many products are ideal for beginners, provided you know a few basics about them first. Concentrates are notoriously potent, much more than flowers, but once you figure out the right dosage, you are sure to keep some with your stash.  Understanding Potency, Dosage, and Effects Concentrates promise a range of effects that all depend on which cannabinoids are present, and in which quantities. Some promise a wildly euphoric buzz, others gentle relaxation. Still, others offer non-psychoactive relief from medical symptoms. Before typing “THC wax for Sale” into Google, know that the concentrate you choose should depend on the effects you desire and your reason for using it: Concentrates high in THC will give you a potent, euphoric high.  Those with an equal blend …

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