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How to Know a Fake Vape Cartridge from a Real One

With increasing reports of vaping-associated pulmonary injury, taking care is more important than ever. People die. Countless others fall gravely ill. There is no surefire way to tell if vape cartridges are safe or not, no foolproof method to detect fakes. If you are using disposable cartridges, then how can you protect yourself? How can you know if what you are puffing will help or harm? Recalls happen even in well-regulated industries. However, it is possible to avoid contaminated products. For experts, the best possible advice is to stay away from illegal markets. All agree that consumers should only order weed delivery from licensed outlets. Licensed products are certainly safer, but even they are not completely safe. Yet, there are still many ways to protect yourself from fakes.  Why Licensed Products? From laboratory technicians to industry professionals, public health agencies, California’s consumer affairs, and everyone involved with cannabis, all reiterate …

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