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Marijuana and Anti Aging

Marijuana or cannabis is thought to be a significant drug in the treatment of several ailments. The role of marijuana in treating various diseases, is currently under research. Researchers have already found many positive uses of Marijuana in treating diseases like multiple sclerosis, glaucoma and  many others. This plant has chemicals called cannabinoids and THC which generally vary in concentration from one plant strain to another. When smoked, Marijuana has a great effect on the central nervous system. This is is part of the reason why marijuana is somewhat criticized and not legalized in some states. Overall, it’s hard to overlook the facts… Marijuana is an essential drug, in treating several diseases and ailments. Working principle of marijuana in anti-aging properties Anti aging is considered a great benefit of smoking marijuana. Marijuana is not only responsible for anti-aging of the skin but, also of the brain. To understand the effectiveness …

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