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Vapers Shrug off Vaping Crisis

Studies, polls, word on the street: All make clear one fact – folks love vaping. It seems they cannot put them down, especially in California. Vapes are among the most popular searches next to “weed delivery near me.” Vaping sales, particularly those infused with potent tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, shrugged off last year’s entire illegal vaping record, which has a long and crisis-level history of harming lungs. Keep in mind, we are talking about the unlicensed and illegal vape products in the United States. Vaping-associated pulmonary injuries, a condition dubbed EVALI by authorities, are wreaking havoc in vaping communities. Despite this, and two waves of lockdown-inducing COVID-19 this year, vape sales are matching last year’s highs, even seem set to surpass them shortly. Even with these risks, sales of vaping cartridges, pens, and accessories are on the ever-increasing rise. Should this worry you? Loved to Fault The convenience of vaping is …

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