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Every Must-Know About Cannabis Terpenes

The smell of cannabis is highly recognizable. Most catch a whiff of it long before they see it and know exactly what it is. Terpenes are responsible for this smell, in cannabis and in all plants everywhere. After searching “marijuana delivery Los Angeles” online, you might well smell the driver before he or she arrives. This is due the terpenes in cannabis, of which there are well over 150 different types.  Most terpenes exist only in trace amounts. The more prominent of them work together to give buds their unique scent and flavor profiles. They do more than just influence smell and taste, however. Terpenes are busy. They have several jobs to do within the cannabis plant. These diverse functions produce an array of mood-changing and therapeutic effects in users.  Origins of Terpenes Terpenes exist within the trichomes of female cannabis plants. These sticky glands litter the surfaces of buds, …

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