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Shatter vs. Live Resin: The Ultimate Guide

Extraction technologies are forever altering how people use cannabis. They are influencing culture too. The community now has a whole subculture dedicated to extracts, where celebrated hash makers, glass blowers, and even strain hunters are famous for their efforts. This refining of technology brings with it interesting and intuitive ways to turn quality bud into highly concentrated product for the market.  Snap ‘n pull, crumble, diamonds, wax, budder – most extracts come named specifically for their consistency and texture. Of them, perhaps the most famous and widespread of them all are shatter and live resin, each easily available with a simple “marijuana delivery near me” Google search. They are not the same, however. Their differences are sizable and worth knowing.  What is Shatter?  Shatter is a type of extract made from dried cannabis bud and trim, cured to perfection. What a company puts in is what comes out. For example, …

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