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Why an Indica Cannabis Strain Is Best After A Long Work Day

Not all cannabis strains are equal. Depending on various factors, such as genetics, cannabinoids, terpenes, potency, growing conditions, effects can differ enormously. You might want to relax after a stressful day at work, but the wrong strain can have you jogging your neighborhood instead. Before ordering weed delivery, know that some strains are sleepy, others energizing, while others are both. Indica vs. Sativa How do you know which to use? If you want to sleep, which strains will help you do that? Which will keep you awake? With uncountable strains on the market today, it might be easier to learn the fundamental basics of cannabis. This is preferable to learning the effects of each strain by rote or experience. To start, you must know how to differentiate between a Sativa and Indica cannabis strain. What differentiates Indica from Sativa? Erroneously, many folks believe that categorizing a hybrid, Sativa, or Indica …

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