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Five States with a Cannabis Ballot This November

This year has been trying for every person on earth during these times. In the United States, COVID-19, the sweeping coronavirus, is costing jobs, lives, and entire ways of life. However, even in this madness, voters must still make their mark come November. They must decide on a leader for the next four years. Some states have more to think about this year. Some are finally contemplating legalizing weed. Whether for medicinal use or for recreational fun, more and more states are joining the fray and legalizing cannabis. Marijuana delivery is legal therapeutically in two-thirds of the country already. By the time these elections end, medical pot may well be legal in another two states, with possibly four more potentially allowing its use recreationally too, among consenting and responsible adults, of course. These five states are facing the cannabis question on this year’s ballot: 1. New Jersey In the first quarter …

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