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How to Choose Marijuana Delivery in Los Angeles

If you are looking for legal cannabis in Los Angeles, then you will need to find a dispensary that sells it. On the surface, this may seem easy enough, but if you look deeper, then according to the University of Los Angeles, 2013’s Proposition D restricted the number of legally operating dispensaries to just 135, shutting hundreds in the process. Now, thousands exist, not all licensed, legal, reliable, or trustworthy. If you venture online to search for marijuana delivery in Los Angeles, then you will find pages and pages of results. Which of them are even vaguely credible, trusty enough for your hard-earned dollars and personal information? Do your homework, research those that interest you. Playing detective can be fun, certainly necessary. If you remember these tips, then weed delivery is both safe and convenient: Think of Location Some cannabis retail stores operate in truly dodgy areas of Los Angeles. …

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