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How Hemp Could Fix Massive Waste Problem in Cannabis Industry

Waste is choking the cannabis industry. Its waste disposal problem is huge. From ghastly solvents to leftover plant matter, it all requires extra measures for destruction, extra packaging every step of the way. This creates massive quantities of waste. Tons of it. It is honestly shocking just how much packaging goes into selling a few legal buds. Experts claim 100 grams or so for every gram of weed.  Too Much Plastic Many argue that the issue of waste overabundance has its roots in cannabis prohibition. Many claim that past criminalization of weed now manifests as extreme and unnecessary overregulation. In turn, this overreach generates an excessive quantity of extra waste. Single-use packaging is the most obvious. You see it everywhere, on any sidewalk near any pot store. Even weed delivery arrives in plastic.  Tamper-proof bags, small plastic tubes, and plastic over plastic. The goal of all this plastic is for …

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