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Dangers of Mold in Your Cannabis

More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers of mold. The toxins they produce are dangerous, attracting attention from the medical industry. Bacteria and fungus love a damp environment, a veritable breeding ground for them, which is why drying your buds properly before storage is so vitally important.  You will rely on cannabis delivery if you allow mold to enter your buds. Effects of Mold on Buds Cannabis flowers provide the perfect place for mildews and molds to grow. They are dense, creating an ideal environment, and if they are even slightly moist, spores will thrive, and if warm, well, there will be no stopping its spread. Moldy buds are the absolute lowest of the lowest grade. You cannot find anything worse. They are unsellable, harmful, and nobody, absolutely nobody, will want them: · Mold Damages Cannabinoids Cannabinoids are the most important compounds in cannabis. They are responsible for …

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