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Smoking Weed Now vs. Back in the 60s

Anyone who grew up in the 1960s, even the 1970s, knows all about smoking weed, and not in the ways we do today. The last few decades have seen many changes, with legalization now imminent globally. Back then, folks were smoking it all, from buds to seeds, leaves, even the stems. Dosage was not what it is now since potency was not the same. There was certainly no such luxury as weed delivery.  1960s Social Movement Hippie culture made the 1960s a special era. It also gave rise to the mainstream legitimacy of cannabis into the medicinal miracle we know today. For some, those were the glory days of marijuana, with many from those days transforming political activism and rejecting mainstream, economic, and social norms of society. Stoner stereotypes were everywhere as propagandists worked tirelessly to demonize the plant.  In films and on television, blindsiding was most apparent. Comedy flicks, …

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