Marijuana Election

Pot on vote in 4 states: Will Decide the future of cannabis

This election day could be known as the marijuana elections day. Marijuana legalization could continue to spread throughout the United States. Many citizens will cast their votes and the U.S could see another two states removing marijuana prohibition while two more introduce medical marijuana. North Dakota Marijuana Elections One of these states is North Dakota. If voters cast their ballot of approval, this could be the state that has some of North America’s most tolerant laws for Adult use of marijuana. If approved, adults would be set to not only consume marijuana recreationally but also grow and possess marijuana without a government-imposed limit. Measure 3 is proving to be highly popular amongst residents of North Dakota. The measure is set to allow the recreational use of marijuana and expunge the records for some of those prosecuted for cannabis crimes. However, Measure 3 does not have a plan for marijuana sales …

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