Marijuana For Muscle Spasticity

How to Treat Muscle Spasticity with Marijuana

Spasticity, often a symptom of another disease, such as multiple sclerosis, is itself a clinical condition that causes hyperactivity of tendons and muscle reflexes. It often causes paralysis, and frequently coexists with clonus, an issue that results in rhythmic, involuntary relaxing and contracting of muscles. Caused by dysfunctional performance of motor neurons, it affects overall mobility enormously.  In cases of spasticity, muscles become unusually tight, unable to relax and contract without immense and conscious effort. In part, spasticity results from an overabundance of the bio-chemical GABA, which causes excessive firing of motor neurons and prevents involuntary muscle contraction. Even with drugs available, more and more sufferers are relying on a marijuana delivery service for relief. Why?  Current Treatments for Spasticity Doctors commonly prescribe Baclofen to treat spasticity, one of several drugs that block GABA activity. When GABA, which is amino acid neurotransmitters, cannot bind to receptors properly, the result is …

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