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Promising CA Medical Marijuana Market to Receive Expertise from Israelis

California continues to make preparations for a time of legal cannabis use and trade. Meanwhile, Israel is notably emerging as a prospective overseas partner in upcoming marijuana-related businesses. Well, it is not the first time California is establishing its laws on marijuana use. The initial measure that allowed the use of medical weed in the state was passed in 1996. Through this bill, medical marijuana patients started to buy marijuana to treat their conditions under the supervision of a licensed medical practitioner. During the 2016 elections, California passed proposition 64 that made recreational marijuana legal. As a result of this victory for marijuana supporters, there seemingly are many partners coming from different parts of the world to help this industry thrive by all means. One of the newest entrants to this weed industry in California is Israel. According to the New York Times, Israel is a known leader in medical …

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