Marijuana for Serious Addiction

How Marijuana Helps Treat Serious Addictions

Across the world, doctors are overprescribing opioids to treat pain, a widespread health issue today. Billions are consuming them daily for relief from every throb and ache. Others are self-medicating with alcohol, heroin, and other addictive substances, whether for relief from pain or other mental and physical issues. Addiction is now a plague, a crisis, an epidemic overwhelming the United States.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opiates killed nearly 15,000 folks in 2017 alone, accounting for a whopping 67.8 percent of all fatal drug overdoses. Their side effects are horrible, addiction almost guaranteed, and after just a short period, they become completely ineffective at treating the underlying cause of pain, merely hiding it and heightening dependence on more drugs.  Society is crippling under the weight of serious addictions, with family and social structures crumbling. However, scientists are finding safer, more effective ways to treat pain, as …

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