Marijuana Gateway Drug

New Report Finally Debunks Pervasive Marijuana “Gateway Drug” Myth

For more than a century, prohibitionists have been spreading wild lies about the long-term health risks and short-term effects of consuming even one hit of the evil marijuana plant. This all in an attempt to curb weed use. Even today, lobbyists and lawmakers continue to believe the false gateway theory, but now evidence can finally lay to rest unfounded fears of homelessness and addiction. Researchers from the State University of New York, New Paltz published an extensive report recently. Appropriately titled “The Marijuana Gateway Phenomenon,” the recent paper highlights marijuana’s outlawed history and the treachery detractors used to force their racially motivated agenda of cannabis prohibition over the decades. Without a single real social or medical danger, famous personalities from Chris Christie to Nancy Reagan and every period between have instead spewed wild imaginings of violent, heavy drug use and fake consequences to instill fear and advance their goals. They …

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