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Aquaponics: The Need for Dissolved Oxygen

Aquaponics is now the latest trend hitting the cannabis growing community. There are numerous reasons for this, but higher yields, healthier plants, and less work are but some of them. However, you can go even another step further in achieving these goals: Increasing dissolved oxygen levels. At the molecular level, dissolved oxygen exists between water molecules. What is Dissolved Oxygen? Above baseline values, water does not hold oxygen very well. Oxygen levels quickly dissipate. Dissolved oxygen refers to the level of oxygen saturation in water. The more oxygen it has, the better. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the chemical formula for water is H20. For every oxygen molecule, there are two hydrogen molecules attached. Together, they become water, as we know it. However, if there is only one oxygen atom per water compound, how can water hold more? You have to add it yourself by shaking up …

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