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Health-Conscious Folks Ditching Alcohol for Marijuana

For more than 80 years, alcohol trade in the United States has enjoyed no competition whatsoever, not in any real way. This monopoly on citizen impairment is how it became the $223 billion dollar industry we find today. However, now that more states in the country have legalized marijuana than not, alcohol profits are slipping and booze slingers are finally sitting up and taking notice. The situation for those pushing alcohol is likely to get much worse when the federal government decides to listen to the people and legalize marijuana at the national level. Some experts predict that this may happen in just three years or so. The consensus among economic analysts is that if alcohol producers fail to reconnect with consumers, they will lose out massively the moment weed goes legal in all 50 states. According to the latest study released by RaboResearch, it is increasingly clear that “women …

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