Marijuana is Legalized

If Marijuana is Legalized, won’t People just Smoke More?

There are a couple states that have fully legalized marijuana. These include the states of Washington and Colorado. Alaska and Oregon area filling suit with California as well. The medicinal use of cannabis is legalized in a total of 29 states. It seems as though the future of cannabis in the United States is becoming more and more legal and the consumers will be able to obtain cannabis easier than ever before. However, there is one main question that plenty of people are wondering: if cannabis is legalized, won’t people just smoke more? The answer to this can be simple, or, the more in-depth you go, it can become quite tricky. There are many who are certain that the use of marijuana will reach new heights in the population and addiction rates will go higher than ever before. However, not only is this opinion, simply an opinion, but it is …

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