Marijuana Legaliazation

Effects of Marijuana on the Economy

November 2016 was a memorable year, and not just for the Presidential election. It was a groundbreaking year for marijuana reform countrywide. Although pot remains illegal under federal law, several important states decided on their own whether to legalize. California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada legalized adult use. North Dakota, Florida, and Arkansas approved weed. Arizona was the only state to defeat a marijuana bill at the polls last year. Countrywide, support is growing and legalization continues to gain momentum. Economically, the simple act of legalizing and regulating marijuana could drive crucial industry and generate massive amounts of wealth for both state and federal coffers, which, if used wisely, could fund the cornerstone of the economy – education. Influence of Marijuana on Tax Generation Over the last year, both Washington and Colorado exceeded sales expectations. Their tax revenues are incomprehensible to most. Colorado generated over $135 million by taxing all marijuana …

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