Marijuana Legalization in Mexico

Voters Approve the Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Mexico

The recent legalization of medical marijuana in Mexico is the country’s first step toward reducing violence associated with illegal drug cartels. The decision to legalize has both implications and the potential for businesses, some of which have been importing cannabis-derived products into the country since February 2016 already, when the Mexican government issued the first-ever license for it. Recently, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto put his name to a decree legalizing cannabis for medical purposes. This move followed widespread support for legalization within the Mexican Senate and Congress. Back in April, they passed the measure with an overwhelming majority of 347-7, and now, the Ministry of Health has the job of creating a regulatory environment for medical weed. The recent presidential decree tasks the Ministry of Health with creating and implementing an array of regulations to oversee the use of medical cannabis derivatives, including all strains and types, as well …

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