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The 2016 Global Marijuana Legalization Wave That Has Swept Countries

The legality of the use of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes has for a long time been a hot debate in many countries. However, nations and states seem to have noted something significant with this drug that remains the world’s most widely cultivated and consumed drug. Though the laws vary across the world, there seems to have been a wave that has seen more than 20 countries soften their tough laws regarding the use of Marijuana. In the US alone, medical/recreational Marijuana is now legal in more than half of its states. Indeed, the global trend of legalizing Cannabis had great momentum and was unstoppable in 2016. The process kicked off a few years ago and seemed to have borne fruits as evidenced by the growing list of countries that are drafting laws and regulations to govern the use of this most produced and trafficked drug in the world. …

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