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Not All Pot Products Legal under New Canadian Law

A primary market of the marijuana industry in Canada will remain illegal for at least another year after the federal government there legalizes weed for recreational use. Experts say that this will make it much more difficult for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to undermine the black market, since it will give illicit traders an opportunity to give illegal Pot products a new, underground, home for sales. Cannabis beverages, edibles, and vaping products are among those that the country will still outlaw once legalization comes into effect on October 17 this year. The government has stated that it needs more time to address the “unique risks” involved with some sectors of the market, including time to draft regulations to control quality, portion sizes, dosages, and packaging. Until the government completes these processes, a crucial segment of the market will stay unavailable to people, at least not legally, which will likely undermine …

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