Marijuana Pain Relief

Top Marijuana Strains for Pain Relief

Chronic pain is a difficult symptom to manage, and with the current opioid situation in the United States, it is no wonder that more alternative methods are being embraced. In fact, this is the number one reason that new people are turning to cannabis when just years before it wouldn’t have even been uttered as an option. There are many reports from users saying that cannabis has greatly helped in the management of their chronic pain, however, there are others who have not found this to be the case. One simple reason for this is that they are simply using the wrong strain. Weed is not just weed, especially not in today’s day. Weed is a colorful tapestry of strains with different compounds and some strains are just geared towards easing chronic pain. There are some marijuana strains that are good for pain relief but are not the marijuana strain …

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