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Conservatives Lose Bid to Blanket Ban Homegrown Cannabis

The Senate recently rejected an attempt to ban everyone in Canada from growing a few cannabis plants at home when the country legalizes recreational cannabis next month. On Thursday, Conservative Senator, Vern White, proposed an amendment to Bill C-45. It would have prohibited cultivation at home completely for everyone across the country. Luckily, for Canadians, the amendment fell by an overwhelming 40-33 majority vote. Claude Carignan, another Conservative senator, then introduced an amendment to limit home cultivation to inside a property, prohibiting Canadians from having any marijuana plants growing in their yards. Fortunately, the Senate rejected that too, by an even larger vote margin of 40-31. For now, Canadians appear safe. Voting as a block, the Conservatives favored both amendments. However, they failed to persuade enough independent senators, who now form the largest faction within the Senate, to back them. They only managed to convince a handful of them to …

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