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Pot Shop Fueling Tensions in Alaskan Tourist Town

Talkeetna is a tourist destination in Alaska. The small town consists of two lengthy blocks making up its Main Street, with stores lined along each end. Tourists arrive by the boatloads and busloads to meander storefronts, eat ice cream at Nagley’s General Store, or exit its back door for a cold beer at West Rib Bar and Grill. A new addition arrived in the busy little town recently and is dividing the local populace. A new marijuana shop is causing deep divisions in this quaint little town, where hundreds of tourists leave historic guest cabins every day to roam the streets browsing art galleries and purchasing quirky souvenirs. At the opposite end of Main Street, near a famous river where tourists photograph Alaska’s biggest mountain, sits the town’s most recent addition to its tourism trade. Rumored to be the inspiration for “Northern Exposure,” a popular television series from the 1990s, …

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