Marijuana Sniff Test

Vermont’s Supreme Court Considers Marijuana “Sniff Test”

The highest court in Vermont is now due to rule in a case involving whether simply smelling weed constitutes sufficient legal grounds to search drivers and seize their vehicles. Back in 2014, Vermont officers claimed that Greg Zullo was driving with a partially snow-obscured license plate. After pulling him over, a state trooper smelt cannabis and wanted to search his car, but Zullo refused. In response, the officer seized the vehicle and towed it away, leaving Zullo freezing in the dead of winter at least eight miles from home. The trooper, Lewis Hatch, already paid for the illegal stop with his job, and in a letter written to Hatch five months before firing him, Public Safety Commissioner Keith Flynn relied on Hatch’s long history of conducting illegal searches to say the following to him: “You have again placed your personal pursuit of drug detection above all else, including your duty …

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