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Excess Marijuana Supply Threatens the State of California

California became the Eight State to legalize recreational marijuana. The other Seven States where recreational marijuana is legal are Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Maine, Alaska, Colorado, and Massachusetts. The legalization of marijuana in these states has been a huge success. Billions is revenue has been generated from recreational marijuana legalization. California was the first State to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 and last November voters chose to legitimatize recreational marijuana. The deadline for local counties to have all procedures set in place is January 1, 2018. In Colorado and Washington, sales of recreational marijuana are around $1 Billion in each state. But California is set to be by far the largest, with researchers estimating that California will generate up to $5 Billion in revenue from marijuana sales. The latest date for vendors to be able to apply for licenses is January 2018. There is now a rush on in local counties …

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