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Opponents Outnumber Supporters on the Cannabis Control Commission

The newly created Cannabis Control Commission, tasked with creating a regulated, functional environment for the legal marijuana market by January 1 next year, is now in the firm control of weed opponents. In fact, opponents of marijuana outnumber supporters by four to one now, which raises some concerns for many, particularly the vast majority of people who voted to make it legal. On Friday, Britte McBride joined the five-member Cannabis Control Commission, counsel to a State Senator, an Executive Officer of Public Safety and Security, and an experienced lawyer from the attorney general’s office. Appointed by Attorney General Maura Healey, who joins Treasurer Deborah Goldberg and Governor Charlie Baker in agreement, McBride is the final member of the five-person panel. A resident of Lynnfield, McBride joins Steve Hoffman, former partner of Bain and Company, and Jennifer Flanagan, former state senator, in last week’s CCC appointments. As with both Flanagan and Hoffman, …

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