Marijuana Taxes Massachusetts

Massachusetts Legislature Unveils 20 Percent Cannabis Tax Law

Massachusetts has been making headline news a lot recently.  The legislature will soon approve an overhaul of its marijuana laws. In an attempt to change laws voters approved for cannabis legislation, negotiators from the House and Senate agreed on Monday to a bill that would have profound effects for everyone involved in the marijuana industry: It would charge more cannabis tax in Massachusetts and oversee local weed shops. However, this “deal” has serious legal obstacles. Furthermore, it would be near impossible for local municipalities to implement. The bill increases total tax on weed purchases to a 20 percent maximum. Back when voters approved the ballot, 12 percent was the agreed-upon tax limit. Legislators also aim to merge oversight of all marijuana businesses into a five-member Cannabis Control Commission. Adults will retain their right to grow, purchase, possess, or use medical marijuana and recreational weed, but only in limited quantities. Legal …

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