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California Ghost Town to Become Hub for Marijuana Tourism

Nipton, a small ghost town edging the Mojave Desert in California, has a vivid history. In 1905, a trail of cattle ranchers passed through with their wagons. Not long after, the California Gold Rush brought miners in droves to the tiny desert town. Today, only six inhabitants populate this deserted place. That is about to change: The “Green Rush” is about to turn it into a popular marijuana town. Recently, American Green bought the little town for nearly $5 million. The cannabis-focused consultancy and technology company has plans to reinvent the town and make it a hotspot for marijuana tourism. It envisions a ganja paradise, a place where visitors can tour a cannabis farm, buy from the cannabis dispensaries, swim in the natural springs, and puff away freely at a weed-friendly bed and breakfast. One of the consultants on American Green’s Nipton development project, Stephen Shearin, discussed the company’s aims …

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