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Federal Government Breaks Monopoly on Cannabis for Research

The federal government has finally broken its monopoly on growing cannabis for research. The Drug Enforcement Agency, the DEA, already gave its approval for two companies to harvest plants. For the last five decades, only the University of Mississippi has been growing with federal approval for reasons of study. Now, the DEA is authorizing more growers, clearly ending that too-long monopoly.  In May, several companies received conditional approval. Two of them, the Biopharmaceutical Research Company, or BRC, and Groff North America Hemplex, are already growing plants and harvesting them. They have official registration from the DEA. For now, they are growing for quality calibration and control. Soon, the DEA will be buying it and distributing it for drug development and clinical research.  Expansion of DEA Powers Many in the field tout this development as necessary, with the DEA now implementing systems to supervise the production of cannabis. Not just any …

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