Smoking pot legally in California is a joke, right?

It may be easy to buy pot in California but have you tried finding somewhere legal to smoke it? It’s a joke, right? And that’s why industry players are turning up the heat to convince authorities to grant permits for cannabis lounges. This will “dispel the myth” that smoking weed is “something seedy” and demonstrate that marijuana can be consumed responsibly, according to West Hollywood’s manager of business development, Jackie Rocco. West Hollywood needs cannabis lounges West Hollywood is now striving to grant permission for cannabis lounges to begin operating in the Southern California city. Rocco says it is vitally important to have a place in the city where marijuana can be consumed safely and legally, putting an end to “something Californians do in secret” to something they can enjoy in a social environment, much the same as how adults consume alcohol in bars. After all, says Rocco, “consuming marijuana …

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