Master Kush

The Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains for Pain and Anxiety

Numerous tests over the years have shown that marijuana can effectively be used as a safe alternative to addictive opiates in the fight against chronic pain. Pain is an insidious condition that is difficult to treat, but with the help of weed all those discomforts fade away. That is why so many American states began legalizing medical marijuana a few years ago and now, with the arrival of legalized recreational weed, this pain-killing remedy is available to all adults. Today, there are in the region of 100 million people in the USA who are chronic pain sufferers and studies have found that because this medical condition is so difficult to pin-point prescribing the right medication is not an exact science. Also, over time patients can become immune to opiates or suffer from debilitating side-effects. Marijuana plants contain THC and CBD cannabinoids that fight pain by reacting naturally to receptors in …

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